Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Temple of Skate

We took a day and drove about two and half hours to The Tilawa Hotel, to a skatepark we had seen on the Internet. Let me tell you, there is no other place like it, it is amazing. It is in the mountains overlooking lake Aeranol with a volcano in the background. We met the owner of the hotel(JP) and he treated us like we were old friends coming to skate.

The park has been there about seven or eight years, and it came about because JP needed a tutor for his two kids. He hired a lady who's husband was a skater and wanted to build skateparks. JP was an expert with concrete, so the two collaborated and started to build the park by hand with a mixer. It took four years.

This place is UNREAL.
photo credit:Nick Scott

Ken grinding the twelve foot deep bowl, with nice hand poured coping.
photo credit:Nick Scott

Mark in the square bowl.
photo credit:Ken Forsyth

Bean in the flow area. Bean is the cook at the hotel and is from North Carolina. The dude spends his winters at the Tilawa Hotel and his summers at Skatopia. His cousin is Brewce Martin.

He's livin the life!
photo credit:Nick Scott

Bean doing his thing.
video credit:Nick Scott

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